The people of Dunland, named the Wildmen, are a cold-hearted folk with no love for the people of Rohan, as they had forced them into the hills to earn a living among the stony land.  Now, with Saruman's aid, they will reclaim their ancient lands and drive out the horse-folk.

Lore Edit

Ever since the days of Numenor, the Dunlendings have always quarrelled with other men.  Their current homes are nothing but shacks made with wood and animal skin, and are nearly always attacked by either wargs or the neighbouring rohirrim.  After taking up residence in Isengard, Saruman has used this history of bloodshed to his advantage and brought the men of Dunland to his side.  Now, alongside Saruman's Uruk-hai, these savages make one last final stand for themselves in a world consumed by chaos.

In the game Edit

Before The Rise of the Witch-king, Wildmen are only summoned by a tier-2 power of the Isengard faction. In that game however, Wildmen and newly-added Wildmen Axe-throwers are infantry recruitable from the Isengard Clan Steading.
Abilities (RotWK only) === Torches:  The men of Dunland can be equipped with torches to burn down enemy buildings and cause fire-damage to enemies, but not if they are summoned as a Power by either the Goblin Faction or the Isengard Faction.

Requirements Edit

Recruited by:  The Summon Wildmen of Dunland power, or hired from an Inn, or (for Isengard) from the Clan Steading in The Rise of the Witch-king.

Cost (from Clan Steading):  200 resources

Command Points taken:  48

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