Urukcrossbowmen (BFME2)

Uruk-hai Crossbowmen, in BFME 1

The Uruk Crossbowmen are Uruk-hai armed with crossbows, and are the sole ranged infantry unit for Isengard.

They have the same health as their swordsmen counterparts, but lower armor, and shorter range than other archers. They deal higher damage than ranged troops of other factions, however, and are better equipped for dealing with enemy Infantry. Upgrading Uruk Crossbowmen with fire arrows will make them the most effective counter to enemy Ents.

Lore Edit

The Uruk-hai are servants of Saruman, bred only to destroy the world of Men.

In the Two Towers film, Saruman armed many of his Uruks with crossbows to kill the men and Elves on the Deeping Wall, which they accomplished.
Uruk Crossbows Isengard

Uruk Crossbowmen battling Elves on the walls of Isengard

Requirements & Stats in BFME 1 Edit

Health-points: 80

Damage output per crossbowman: 15

Recruited from: Uruk Pit

Cost: 400

Command Points taken: 30

Requirements & Stats in BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Uruk Pit

Health-points: 180

Cost: 300

Command Points taken: 60

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