The Uruk-hai serve as the basic swordsmen unit for Isengard, who have higher health than the Orcs of Mordor.
Uruk-hai (BfME2)

Requirements and Stats in BFME 1 Edit

Recruited from: Uruk Pit

Cost: 200

Command Points taken: 20


Forged Blades: +32 Damage Price: 480

Heavy Armour: +60% Armour Price: 480

Banner: Upgrades unit to level 2 Price: 360


Bloodthirsty - gain experience by targeting unit

Important notes:

  1. Use only highest level group, target lower level group to gain experience.
  2. Targeting high level groups with low level units will only lessen their experience.
  3. Using bloodthirsty on a unit with purchased upgrades doesn't affect experience gained.
  4. The level of a unit determines the amount of experience a selected unit can gain.

Health-points per levelEdit

Note: this assumes armor can be linked with health.

Level 1 Base Value: 80

Level 1 Base Value + Armor upgrade (+60%): 128

Level 2 Base Value: 100

Level 2 Base Value + Armor upgrade (+60%): 160

Level 3 Base Value: 135

Level 3 Base Value + Armor upgrade (+60%): 216

Level 4 Base Value: 155

Level 4 Base Value + Armor upgrade (+60%): 248

Requirements in BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Uruk Pit

Cost: 75

Command Points taken: 300

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