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The Witch-king for the Mordor Faction

The Witch-king of Angmar is the most powerful of the Nine Ringwraiths. He is playable in all 3 games of the series and is the leader of the Angmar faction in The Rise of the Witch-king, but also is a Hero in the Mordor faction in all three games.

In the Mordor faction, he may mount his own Fell Beast.

Abilities Edit

Mordor faction Edit

  • Mount/Dismount - Witch-king gets on or off his great Fell-beast.
  • Dread Visage - Removes enemy leadership bonuses around him.
  • Screech - The Witch-king lets out his deathly wraith-scream, causing enemies to flee in terror.
  • Hour of the Witch-king - Targeted enemy's special ability times are reset to just-used.

Screenshot of the Witch-king upon his steed, in the Angmar campaign

Angmar faction Edit

  • Mount/Dismount - The Witch-king gets on or off of his armored horse.
  • Dread Wrath - Nearby enemies have reduced damage output and armor.
  • Morgul Corruption - Targeted enemy takes poison damage over time, and becomes a wight if they die.
  • Terrible Fury - The Witch-king causes fear in nearby enemies.
  • Hour of the Witch-king - Targeted enemy's special ability timers are reset to just-used.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Mordor Fortress (Mordor faction) or Angmar Fortress (Angmar faction - only in The Rise of the Witch-king)

Cost: 5000

Command points taken: 75

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