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The Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king is the expansion pack for The Battle for Middle-earth II. In the plot-line of this game, the Witch-king of Angmar creates a kingdom nothing and raises an army from the inhabitants of the north, who are Wolves, Trolls, Orcs, and varying Black Númenoreans; with the purpose of destroying the Dúnedain realm of Arnor. Electronic Arts developed and published the game in 2006, after announcing its release at the San Diego Comic-Con of that year.

In Skirmish mode, there are now seven playable Factions to choose from with the addition of the Angmar faction

Unlike the two preceding games, The Rise of the Witch-king is compatible only with PC, and not also with Xbox 360. 

New cast


A display of newly added units on the battlefield


Main article: Angmar Campaign

The campaign of The Rise of the Witch-king is of the story before and during the war that the Witch-king was to wage between Angmar and Arnor, before Sauron returned openly to Mordor.

Unlike BFME 2, there is only one Campaign, in which the player plays the conquest of the Witch-king and his faction. The campaign's finale is "the Epilogue".

Additions to the game

Angmar Heroes

  • The Witch-king of Angmar
  • Morgomir, another Ringwraith, who is the Witch-king's second
  • Rogash "Troll of the North", a great troll of frozen lands in the north who comes into the Witch-king's service at the time of the birth of Angmar
  • Hwaldar, a leader of evil Hill-men from Rhudaur who has sided with Angmar
  • Karsh, a previous captain of Arnor, turned into a wraith during the Witch-king's conquest

Angmar Units

Angmar Structures

Angmar Powers

Units added to existing factions

War of the Ring updates

  • The Ring Heroes (Galadriel and Sauron) became recruitable
  • Two new historical scenarios: Historical and Fall of Arnor


In The Rise of the Witch-king there are a total of sixty-nine regions of Middle-earth that can be battled throughout and explored. For all RotWK maps, see Category:RotWK Maps.

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