Shelob is a hero for the Goblin Faction; the giant female spider.



Shelob, as seen BFME2

In The Return of the King written by J.R.R Tolkien, Shelob is a giant spider who feeds on orcs and anyone foolish to enter her lair. Samwise and Frodo, misled by Gollum, enter, and Frodo gets stung by Shelob's poison sting, and gets carried to one of the towers of the Orcs. However, in the game, Shelob has been tamed by the Goblins, and will fight for anyone who wishes to summon her to do your bidding. She can also over-run any enemy, excluding cavalry and heroes. Shelob is strong against Swordsmen and Archers, but is very weak to pikemen of any sorts. Stay out of the pikes with her.

As explained in the BFME2 Evil Campaign, Shelob is the mother of all spiders, and can therefore during the aforementioned times make the spiders follow her.

In the Skirmish mode, she is part of the Goblin faction. In the Evil Campaign of BFME II, she follows both the Mordor faction and sometimes the goblins.

Shelob appears in the Cirith Ungol level of the Good Campaign, where the player must use Sam Gamgee and a group of Gondorian soldiers to kill her and her spawn, before eliminating the orcs of the fortress.


Cost: 2000

Command Points taken: 50


Shelob in the 3rd Lord of the RIngs film


  • Scream - This scream will make all Shelob's enemies run. Unlocked at level 3.
  • Poison sting - Shelob's sting can make anyone get poisoned and is a powerful attack on a single target. Unlocked at level 5.
  • Burrow -Her most devasting attack. First press this power, and then press any area you can see into, and Shelob will burrow there and blast all her enemies away, much like a summoned Wyrm.

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