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Sauron is the Dark Lord that looms over Middle-earth, searching for the One Ring, which long ago he made for himself. He is the supreme but unseen ruler of Mordor, and yet can be summoned if the Ring is found, and taken to an evil faction's Fortress.

Sauron arriving from an Angmar fortress


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  • Fires of Doom - A terribly powerful magic attack in which Sauron calls down several meteors to destroy his opponents. The attack is equivalent to the Mordor spell Rain of Fire. The area impact size, the damage, and the strength of the explosion upon impact are very great. Enemies in the damage radious will also freeze from fear when Sauron uses this devastating move. This ability is very useful to destroy several heroes, a few buildings, or an entire army.
  • Terrible Fury - Enemies around Sauron will flee in fear away from him.


Cost: 10000

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