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Rogash, the Troll of the North, is the troll commander who serves as a hero for the forces of Angmar. He bears a sword that slays many normal enemy units at once (like all other Troll's melee attacks).


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In the Angmar campaign story of The Rise of the Witch-king, Rogash was the first recruit of the Witch-king and Morgomir. He then put into shape the other Hill-trolls and Snow-trolls, to serve as well in the Witch-king's new army.

Then throughout the Conquests of Angmar against Arnor, Rogash is the Witch-king's right hand in military force. Rogash shares many great victories with him; and later saves Carn-dum, by fortunate arrival, from being successfully besieged and destroyed by the army of the Elves.


When, in the Campaign, ElrondGlorfindel, and King Eärnur of Arnor finally attack Angmar, Rogash and an army of Trolls await them in the Hills of the Snow Trolls. When the army arrives and Earnur challenge Rogash, many Elves and Men fell under the troll's mighty sword, until Earnur duels and slays him. All Rogash's trolls die, and the Witch-king's army is defeated. In the aftermath, Carn-dûm the castle of Angmar was destroyed, and the evil reign of that realm came to an end.

His game-canon character is not to be confused with Barashal, a troll-boss at Carn-dum (and thus of Angmar) in The Lord of the Rings Online.



Recruited from: Angmar Fortress

Cost: 3000

Command Points taken: 75


  • Dominate troll - Rogash brings a targeted enemy troll to the player's side
  • Leap - Rogash takes a great leap onto the selected nearby area, inflicting damage with his large sword
  • Rage of the North - Gains an increase in damage and armor (Equivalent to the Berserker power for Create-a-hero Servants of Sauron)

Behind the scenes

Rogash was voiced by Gregg Berger.

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