Rivendell Lancers

The Rivendell Lancers are the basic cavalrymen of the elves.

Lore Edit

Rivendell sits in a valley not far from the east road, the main route through northern Middle-earth. Very often Elven riders make the journey from their home near the Misty Mountains to the coastal port of Mithlond, otherwise known as the Grey Havens. These riders are rare among the Elves, for Elves do not often walk openly among the societies of Men. Any craft an Elf learns in times of peace can be readily turned into an art of war when necessary. As such, the Rivendell Lancers are extremely skilled with light armor and sharp spear from horseback. Elves are able to speak to their horses as well, so they have proficiency when mounted that is approached only by the horse masters of Rohan.

BFME2 Edit

Requirements (BFME2) Edit

Built from: Green Pasture


Command Points Taken:

Elven Banner test Elves (BFME 2 and RotWK only) Elven Banner test