Rohan Peasant
Rohan peasants upgraded

Peasants with a sword upgrade

A Peasant is the builder-unit and only foot-soldier unit for Rohan in The Battle for Middle-earth. They are effective when fighting other infantry or charging enemy ranged troops, but will tend to perish quickly against the ranged troops' arrows or enemy cavalry. 

Their main function is to repair Rohan's buildings

Health-points: 80 

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Farm

Cost: 100

Command points taken: 10

Amount per unit: 10


A Peasant unit made up of footmen and cavalry

In BFME 2 Patch 1.06 Edit

In The Battle for Middle-earth II, peasants are available in Patch 1.06. For the faction Elves, Peasants can be recruited from Inns as swordsmen. They cannot be upgraded in any way. Peasants are strong against buildings, although against some troops they can hold somewhat effectively. As they are cheap and easy to recruit, making a mob of several battalions of peasants can actually be effective.

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