The Black Riders (known just as well as the Nazgul) of Mordor are the greatest servants of Sauron - they are hideous wraiths enslaved to the power of the One Ring, which they are always seeking.

In the two games preceding The Rise of the Witch-king, the Nazgul are individual heroes. (In The Battle for Middle-earth II, only three are available at a time.)

Abilities Edit

  • Mount/Dismount: The Nazgul can summon their horse or dismiss them for personally dealing with the enemy
  • Dread Visage: The Nazgul removes all nearby enemies' leadership bonuses and instills a fear effect - passive ability
  • Morgul Blade: A selected individual enemy is turned into a Wight, by the power of the Black Rider's Morgul-blade.
  • Screech: The Nazgul utters an unearthly scream, causing all nearby enemy units to flee in terror for 20 seconds - Ability recharges after one minute.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: In BFME 1 & 2, Mordor Fortress

Cost: 100 resources Command Points taken: 25

Health-points each: 2000

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