Mordor is an evil faction in all three Battle for Middle-earth games, and the most expansive of the evil armies. It is comprised of all who made up Sauron's armies and allies in the Third Age.

Game performance Edit

The faction of Mordor is made up of the servants of the Dark Lord Sauron, containing beasts, Orcs, and Men. Mordor's basic orcs are medium-strong, and take up a lot of command points, but are free in The Battle for Middle-earth. Haradrim are cheap, taking few command points but are weak unless in groups. Trolls are expensive, but take very few command points, making large groups feasible.
BFME 1 Mordor fort

A Mordor base in BFME 1

Mordor has three siege weapons: catapults for bombarding, rams for demolishing in close proximity, and siege towers for invading from a castle's walls. Múmakil are enormous, scary, and destructive to all infantry.



Mordor Orc swordsmenEdit

Orc warriors are the backbone of the Mordor army. They are weak, but are well known to be strong in numbers. Though they are not powerful, they are a very useful unit early in a skirmish, for their low cost.


Infantry of Mordor in BFME 2, during a Darkness power-spell

Mordor Orc archersEdit

Mordor's basic ranged unit


Mordor's only pikemen; effective against heroes, beasts, and cavalry.

Haradrim archers Edit

Mordor's elite ranged unit

Corsairs of UmbarEdit

A swordsman unit who can switch from swords to ranged fire-bombs.

Mordor battering ramEdit

Basic slow siege-unit; not the same as Grond.

Mordor catapultEdit

Ranged siege weapon that comes with flaming projectiles.

Siege towerEdit

A protective ladder allowing infantry to scale rampart-walls; less dexterous than Isengard's ladder.

Attack trollEdit

Unlike the weaker Cave troll, Attack trolls are not only powerful, but have armor, and wield a huge club.

Mumakil (the Oliphaunt)Edit

Mumakil are Mordor's most powerful unit. They trample all enemy infantry, and come with archers in their war tower.


Named after the Mace used by Sauron's former lord, Melkor, Grond is the most powerful battering-ram in all of existence. Unfortunately, Grond can only be used during the campaign of The Battle for Middle-earth, and is not available in skirmishes.

Buildings Edit

See Category:Mordor structures.

Powers Edit

The Mordor faction and the Goblins are the only evil armies capable of summoning Balrogs.

For all of the faction's powers, see Category:Mordor Powers.

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