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The Mithlond Sentries are a group of elves armed with pikes.

Lore Edit

Mithlond— or the Grey Havens—is the port city of the Elves on Middle-earth's western shore. It is here that they craft boats in order to make their exodus into the West after many centuries in Middle-earth. Mithlond is one of the few Elven cities that is unprotected by dense forests or high mountains. This vulnerability requires that many well-armed soldiers maintain a vigilant watch over the surrounding territory. When the city is besieged, it is the Mithlond Sentries that form the first line of defense. Armed with long pikes and heavy armor, they can hold their own against cavalry.
Mithlond Sentries

Mithlond Sentries with the armor and forged blades upgrades

Requirements (BFME 2) Edit

Recruited from: Elven Barracks

Cost: 300

Command Points taken: 60

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