Skirmish player layout of Minas Morgul

Minas Morgul is a three-player map featuring the Witch-king's dreadful fortress of Minas Morgul, which dominates almost the entire map. One player is based in the castle; the two others are near its bridge of entry, opposite a wide river.

The Fortress contains two spacious levels, with rampart-walls and pre-installed catapult defenses. There is one front entrance to the fortress, and the walls are protected by ledges and unclimbable.

Features Edit

  • Two Goblin Lairs
  • Three Outposts and a Signal Fire within the fortress, pre-captured by the fortress player
  • The Secret Stair can be found on a cliff-side, up which Gollum once led Frodo and Sam.

History Edit

Minas Ithil, as it was first named, was captured by the Nazgûl in 2002 of the Third Age, and was transformed into a foul, evil place. As a result, it came to be called Minas Morgul, which in Elvish means "." Minas Morgul stood upon the Morgulduin, a branch of the Anduin river. It was east of Osgiliath, just before Cirith Ungol. Terror and war were directed at Gondor from Minas Morgul until Ithilien was deserted. During the War of the Ring, the army that attacked Osgiliath and undertook the Siege of Gondor came from Minas Morgul. In fashion Minas Morgul seems to have been much like Minas Tirith, only replacing beauty with terror. The top most course of the tower revolved slowly, and the walls were illuminated by a constant eerie hue. During the War of the Ring, the city maintained an enourmous horde of orcs. However, the entire garrison was sent along with the armies to attack Minas Tirith. Following the of the Pelennor Fields, the bridge leading to Morgul was pulled down by the Army of the West and its fields set aflame, and they met no opposition as the entire city's garrison had perished during the battle of Pelennor. Minas Morgul was abandoned and fell into decay as the presence of the Nazgûl made it too foul for human habitation. After the War of the Ring, Faramir was made Prince of Ithilien by King Elessar, who advised him to make his abode in the Emyn Arnen southeast of Minas Tirith. Faramir ruled from there with his new bride Éowyn, for King Elessar counseled that even though Minas Morgul was completely abandoned, the land was such a terror in the minds of Men that it would not be fit for habitation or even human contact for many years. The city was eventually rebuilt as Minas Ithil and the evil that once tainted the land had finally been extinguished.

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