Lurtz is an Uruk-hai commander who works for the forces of Isengard.


Lurtz in the New Line Films

Biography Edit

Lurtz was the first of Saruman's able Uruks to be born. He led a force of Uruk Scouts against the Fellowship at Amon Hen, where his troops killed Boromir, although Lurtz was slain by Aragorn shortly thereafter. Ugluk succeeded him.

His name does not originate from Tolkien's books.

Battle for Middle-earth Edit

In BFME 1 Lurtz has 1200 health, 60 melee damage, and 40 ranged damage.

Battle for Middle-earth II Edit

Abilities and Requirements Edit

  • Toggle Weapon - Switches between melee and his composite bow
  • Carnage - Lurtz gains +10% armor and +200% damage
  • Cripple - Targets an enemy hero for 30 seconds and holds him in place
  • Leadership - Nearby units gain +50% armor and damage, and their experience is gained twice as fast
  • Pillage - He and nearby allies gain resources on each kill

His health in this game is 300, sword damage is 200, and the damage from his bow is 150.

Cost: 1200

Command points taken: 60



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