Lorien Archers

Lorien Archers serve as the basic ranged infantry for the Elven army.

Lore Edit

The Elves of Lorien do not all take up sword and shield when battle comes. Lorien Archers are an example of the Elves' natural propensity for using arrows in combat. Many of them use finely crafted bows in order to ambush their enemies from the trees. When The Fellowship entered Lorien, the Elf captain Haldir and a band of Lorien Archers stopped them at the border before guiding them to Galadriel.


Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Elven Barracks

Cost: 300 

Command Points taken: 60

Quotes Edit

"We bring bows from Lorien."


"We must protect the woods."

"Keep your wits sharp."

"Ready elves."

"Watch for the enemy."

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