The Isengard faction is comprised of the armies of the evil Wizard Saruman and his allies, the main unit-type being the mighty Uruk-hai orcs whom he bred in the fortress of Isengard.         

Isengard Army

An army of Isengard in BFME 2


Heroes Edit

Gameplay Edit

The legions of Uruk-hai are the strongest infantry units in the game, able to traverse the map quickly. Use this in combination with crossbows and the occasional pikemen and you have a well-balanced army. The Warg Riders are Isengard's answer to cavalry, used to trample enemy archers and flank exposed armies. Use Isengard's great seige weapons to the maximum advantage near the end of the game if things begin to become worrisome. The Explosive Mine unit is a devastating unit that can be used as a trap or can blow a hole in the enemy's defences. All that is needed to set it off is any fire source, from Saruman's fire ball to the berserker's torch ability.

In terms of unit quality, the Isengard faction is very similar to the Dwarves, but is geared for more aggressive gameplay and tactics, and are as fast as human and Elven infantry. While the Warg Riders deal the most damage out of all the cavalry units, using their Howl buff or being buffed in the presence of Sharku, their captain. Crossbowmen deal very high ranged damage, but have shorter range than any advanced archers of the other factions, and the Ballista artillery deals the least damage out of all the siege weapons, but its projectile travels the fastest. Most of Isengard's Heroes are geared towards supporting the infantry than being anti-heroes or high-armor army-killers. In The Rise of the Witch-king, the Isengard's elite infantry are the Deathbringers; very powerful hero-horde infantry who have two powerful buffs: Stonewall, which grants god like endurance at the cost of speed, and Death Wish, increasing their attacks massively at the cost of health.

BFME 1 Isengard fort

An Isengard encampment in BFME 1


Buildings Edit

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