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Gorkil the Goblin King is a hero of the Goblin faction in The Battle for Middle-earth II, a made-up character who in status was much like the familiar Great Goblin in the story of The Hobbit.

Gorkil on his scorpion

Lore Edit

This Goblin leader is known for riding a scorpion. His fortress is a dark castle within the cold Ettenmoors that was previously an outpost of Angmar long before. At the climax of the Good campaign he is slain at the Ettenmoors by either Glorfindel, Haldir, or Gloin, and in the Evil campaign he usually is a default hero character, like Shelob and the Mouth of Sauron, and at the campaign's end, he assists in the destruction of Rivendell, in Mission 8.

The lair of the Goblin King within the Ettenmoors

The Goblin King is not a character of the Rise of the Witch-king Campaign, for that Campaign takes place before he was alive - but Gorkil is still a hero of the Goblin faction in both Skirmish and War of the Ring mode.

Requirements & Stats Edit

Recruited from: Goblin fortress

Cost: 1100

Command Points taken: 20

Abilities Edit

  • Skull Totem (at level 2) - Gorkil places a skull-topped staff in the ground, revealing shroud and detecting stealthed units.
  • Mount Scorpion (at level 3) - Gorkil mounts his great scorpion; can be toggled
  • Battle Frenzy (at level 4) - selected nearby units he gives +50% damage and armor and accelerated experience gain.
  • Poisoned stinger (at level 6) - targeted enemy becomes stunned, and takes damage over time. Gorkil can only use this when he is mounted.
  • Call from the Deep (at level 10) - three Fire drakes are summoned from out of the earth, for a temporary duration.

Behind the game Edit

Gorkil was voiced by Dave Wittenberg.

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