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Gondor Archers (Line formation)

In BFME 1 - with much less bowmen per unit than in BFME 2

The Gondor Archers serve as the basic ranged infantry in the forces of Gondor in the first game and are summoned from the Barracks structure. In The Battle for Middle-earth II, they became part of the Men of the West faction.

Gondor Archers are adept at killing other archers, and do not perform poorly against swordsmen, but, if they do not possess the banner carrier upgrade or heavy armor, their weak melee attack renders them very vulnerable to enemies.

Requirements in BFME 1 Edit

Recruited from: Archery Range (Gondor)

Cost: 50

Command Points taken: 10

Requirements in BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Archery Range

Cost: 200

Command Points taken: 60

They can be upgraded with Heavy Armor, Flaming Arrows, and Banner Carrier.

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