Once an ordinary hobbit, now a slave to the Ring, Gollum sneaks around the battlefield, becoming visible, then unseen.

Lore Edit

As a hobbit, Gollum had gone by the name Smeagol, and lived by the Great River in a small community of Stoors.  While fishing, his best friend, Deagol, came across the One Ring, and was subsequently murdered by Smeagol after a small fight over it.  Cast out from his family, he made his way under the Misty Mountains and lost nearly all traces of his former life by an underground lake.  Years had passed, and Smeagol, now called Gollum, lived a long unnatural life due to the influence of the Ring, secluded and unnoticed until, one day, another hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins came and tricked him out of his precious.  After a short chase through the goblin tunnels, Gollum retreated back to his lake to wallow in anguish of losing his Ring.  However, he left his home and now seeks the Ring for himself, hoping to take it back with him to his hole.

Battle for Middle-earth Edit

In the first LOTR:BFME, Gollum is a playable hero for the Mordor side. Unfortunately, his health is low and goes down after a many sword strikes or arrows. Along with his health, his defence and offence capabilities are nearly low, making Gollum the most agile hero of the game. However, his speed is a little above average, and his area of sight is rather large, making him the perfect scout early in the game. The best tactic is to summon him early in the game and have him scout around the battlefield, but he loses value after awhile.

Health: 350

Damage(melee): 150

Cost: 150

Battle for Middle-earth 2 Edit

Gollum's role in BFME 2 is larger than in the previous game.  He is no longer a playable hero, but runs around the map with the One Ring.  If killed, he will drop it, and the units who kill him recieve the ring.  The Ring is then used to summon a Ring Hero: Galadriel for the side of Good, and the Dark Lord Sauron for the forces of Evil.  He does appear in War of the Ring matches but not on Campaigns.