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Formerly of the Elf-city of Gondolin in the ancient First Age, Glorfindel fights for Rivendell, as its defender, and seeks to rid the lands of the evil taint that Sauron spreads, anywhere. He is the initial main character in the Battle for Middle-earth II Good Campaign.

Lore Edit

During the Fall of Gondolin in the First Age, Glorfindel had fallen in a battle with a Balrog after slaying it.  But fate would not have his destiny ended so quickly, as the Valar had brought him back to finish his mission.  As the war against Angmar subsided, it was Glorfindel who made the fateful prophecy that the Witch-king would not be killed by any man.  Now, after pushing out the Goblin invaders from Rivendell, Glorfindel joins forces with Gloin in an effort to create an alliance between the Elves and Dwarves.

Glorfindel as shown on the BFME 2 box-art

Requirements Edit

Recruited from: Elven Fortress

Cost: 1500 

Command Points taken: 50  

Abilities Edit

  • Mount/Dismount - Glorfindel can summon/dismiss his horse, Asfaloth.
  • Blade of Purity (at Level 3) - Glorfindel becomes invulnerable for 10 seconds.
  • Wind Rider (at Level 6) - Glorfindel gains 60% speed and 200% armor, if mounted - echoing the characteristic from the film-trilogy of Elven horses (in particular, Arwen's) having extraordinary speed.
  • Starlight (at Level 10) - Nearby allies are healed and given a 30-second 50% armor & damage increase.

Behind the scenes Edit

Glorfindel Concept art

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Glorfindel was voiced by Jason Carter.
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