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Gloin is a hero of the Dwarves and a main character of the Good campaign in The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Lore Edit

Gloin is one of the wisest and best-traveled Dwarves in Middle-earth. He has traveled from the Blue Mountains to Erebor. He is an old friend of Bilbo Baggins and father to the legendary Gimli. At the time of the Council of Elrond, he represented the Dwarves of Erebor, and told of their alliance with the Men of Dale. He also brought unsettling news of a Black Rider that had attempted to sway the Dwarves to serve Sauron. Once the council parted ways, Gloin took up his siege hammer to fight against Sauron's spreading influence.

Abilities Edit

  • Slam - Gloin carries out a great swing that sends selected foes flying, and will do great damage to structures.
  • Shake Foundation (at Level 4) - Gloin temporarily disables an enemy building with his hammer. If used on an enemy gate, the gate will be forced to open.
  • Shatter Hammer (at level 10) - Gloin slams his hammer on the earth, causing a sudden earthquake in a large area around him. The effect had on enemy infantry is identical to that of Rogash's Leap.

Requirements Edit

Recruited from (in Skirmishes and War of the Ring): Dwarven Fortress

Cost: 1500

Command Points taken: 25

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