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Faramir was the son of Denethor, the steward of Gondor and the brother to Boromir, and a hero in both The Battle for Middle-earth games. He is the hero for the Gondor faction in the first game, and for the Men of the West in the sequel and expansion pack.

Requirements & Stats[]

Cost: 1200 Command Points taken: 50

Health-points: 2000


  • Toggle weapon - Faramir switches between his sword and his bow
  • Wounding Arrow (at Level 2) - Faramir with his bow strikes a selected enemy who is dealt 300 damage and is caused to flee
  • Mount/Dismount (at level 3) - Faramir may use or dismount from his horse
  • Leadership (at level 6) - Allied units who are near Faramir gain +50% Damage and Armor, and level up twice as quickly - Passive ability
  • Captain of Gondor (at level 7) - Faramir gives selected allied units experience


Faramir deals a fair amount of damage, and his first ability can eliminate powerful foes. His passive benefit for surrounding allies is decent, and his Captain of Gondor ability increases the effectiveness of his army. Faramir as a Ranger has a long range of fire


Faramir's health and armor are both lacking, and he can quickly die unaided. While it is nice to mount and ride quickly, this can create a problem when he travels deep into enemy territory, as his armor is further reduced when against archers, his weakness on foot. In addition, Faramir does not have outstanding abilities, the most powerful being his first. His strength lies in his archery, but elsewhere the second son of Denethor falls short.

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