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Eomer was the brother to Éowyn and the nephew of Theoden, the king of Rohan. He is the heir to the throne of Rohan and serves as the hero for Rohan in The Battle for Middle-earth, and for the Men of the West in The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Eomer is the primary Rohan hero during the Good Campaign, leading the players's army in most missions of the first half of the game. He is a solid hero, with adequate health and dealing average amounts of damage. His Spear Throw ability can destroy powerful foes in one hit, and his leadership can be helpful in supplementing the strength of cavalry.

Eomer in the New Line Films

Stats Edit

1200 health-points

40 damage

BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Men of the West Fortress

Cost: 1000

Command Points taken: 25

Abilities Edit

  • Mount/Dismount - Eomer can cummon/dismiss his steed.
  • Horse Lord - All allied cavalry near Eomer gain +50% damage and armor, and will level-up twice as quickly.
  • Outlaw Leadership (at Level 2) - He and nearby allies will gain resources for the faction upon every kill.
  • Spear Throw (at Level 5) - Eomer deals significant damage to a single enemy with his spear.

Behind the scenes Edit

Eomer was voiced in the games not by Karl Urban, but by Chris Edgerly.

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