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The Ents are giant, old tree-beings that serve the forces of good. The most notable Ent is Treebeard.

Lore Edit

Fangorn Forest, which lies between Isengard and Lothl¿rien, once covered thousands of miles of Middle-earth, even stretching as far as The Shire. Since then the forest has been chopped down, burned and cleared to the point where it covers only a small area at the southern point of the Misty Mountains. This dark and gnarled forest is home to the few remaining Ents, or large man-like trees. The Ents are tree-tenders, eternal caretakers of the dark forest. In recent years many of the Ents have gone to sleep, becoming barely conscious and dormant trees themselves. When Saruman began cutting away at the last remnants of Fangorn Forest to build his army, the Ents marched again - awakened by their rage. They stirred all of the trees of the forest, known as Huorns, into life, and set out to exact their revenge upon the White Wizard. The Huorns marched to Helm's Deep, ultimately sealing the fate of the Uruk-hai army retreating from their defeat in battle against Aragorn, Theoden, and Gandalf. The Ents themselves led by Treebeard, took siege of Orthanc and laid waste to the White Wizard's domain in Isengard.

Ent in BFME1

An Ent (this particular Ent is exclusive to Worldbuilder)


BFME 1 Edit

Recruited from: Ent Moot

Cost: 1400

Health-points: 1700

Ents are highly resistant to all damage, and will only fall quickly to flaming arrows or siege weapons.

BFME 2 Edit

Recruited from: Ent Moot

Cost: 1000

Command points: 50

The Ent Moot can also recruit Treebeard as a level 10 hero.

Information and Use Edit

Ents in BFME 2 are the Elves' only type of artillery, and are long-range artillery, similar to Goblins' Mountain Giants. Ents have both the ability to throw rocks and also to use close-range attacks (with their hands), similar to the Trolls of the Evil Factions. Ents are very good at destroying buildings.

Like all artillery, rocks thrown by ents also do damage to ally troops and heroes.

Ents are especially susceptible to fire, from fire arrows or catapults, etc.


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