Drogoth the Dragon Lord is the dragon who is a hero for the Goblin faction, hailing from the northeast of Middle-earth. In the story of The Battle for Middle-earth II, he sides with Sauron in exchange for a promised Dwarven ring of power, and is a major villain in the Good Campaign. Excepting Sauron, Drogoth is under the authority of no one, not even the Goblin King.

As a character of Middle-earth, Drogoth is non-canonical, and is mentioned in no work of Tolkien's.

Lore Edit

Drogoth the Dragon Lord comes from the winter wasteland of the Withered Heath. Withered Hearth is famous for being the home of many dragons and drakes (Smaug the Terrible is also believed to have come from Withered Heath). In the game, Drogoth is featured in 3 levels of Battle for Middle-earth II's Campaigns. He also functions as a hero unit for the Goblin faction in skirmish mode. For the evil campaign, he is the main objective of Mission 5 in which the Mouth of Sauron is sent to entreat the help of Drogoth, and ends up recruiting him. After competing the mission, Drogoth joins with Sauron to later be seen in mission 7 where he helps lay siege to Rivendell. In the Good Campaign he appears in Mission 4 where he is the "boss" of the level.

As "Dragon Lord", Drogoth wears plated iron armour along his back and some of his front. Upon his helmet is an iron horn.


Drogoth descending upon enemy Dwarves

Requirements and Stats Edit

Recruited from: Goblin Fortress

Cost: 5000 Command Points taken: 75

Health-points: 6000 - Despite his grand health, Drogoth is still more vulnerable to enemy archers than to anyone else.

Abilities Edit



  • Fireball - Drogoth shoots out a ball of flame at a selected spot that does 400 damage and spreads some fire.
  • Fireflight - A Dragon-outlined projectile of fire shoots out from Drogoth's body, doing 1000 flame damage on wherever it hits.
  • Wing Flap - Drogoth in midair flaps his wings with the utmost force onto a spot on the ground, causing crush damage on all basic units under him.
  • Incinerate - Drogoth breathes fire over a larger amount of land, doing 1000 flame damage. This power is identical to the Summoned Dragon's default attack.

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