The Balrog is a deadly and ancient creature that can be summoned in all three games - by the Mordor faction and by Goblins (BFME 2 only) for 25 power-points. See Summon Balrog.

Lore Edit

The Balrog depicted in the game is Durin's Bane, who resided for two ages in Moria, and upon encountering the Fellowship, it attacked, eager to collect the ring. Gandalf, however, being a Maiar as well, battled the Balrog to protect Frodo and the others.

The Balrog is a very powerful unit. He is hard to kill, has large splash damage, and boasts powerful abilities. He can engulf the battlefield in flame with his breath, and even fly.
Fire breathing

The Breathe Fire ability

Abilities Edit

  • Ignite - the Balrog lights up with temporary more-dazzling and dark glow; gains an increase in damage by 200% and armor by 50% for a short duration
  • Fire Whip - his whip is used on an enemy building or unit - as much as 6 enemies can be killed by one stroke
  • Scream - causes all enemies to flee in terror
  • Breathe Fire - the Balrog exhales a long gust of flame across the selected area. This attack is equivalent to Drogoth's Incinerate, a Firedrake's Inferno, and a Summoned Dragon's default attack.
  • Wings - the Balrog spreads its vast wings and takes a short flight to the selected nearby location.
Balrog takin off

The Balrog taking flight